• Blue Wallpaper Codes / Backgrounds

  • Tan Wallpaper Codes / Backgrounds

  • ASCII - HTML - Unicode Chart
    Includes html code for standard ASCII entity equivalents, and foreign languages; arabic, greek, etc, decorative characters and mathematical characters, with instructions on using the number pad and ALT. Samples: གྷ - ♪ - ♞ - ᾣ - ※


    Free Favicons
    These icons are useful for webmasters trying to stop a 404 error from occuring when visitors bookmark their webpage.
    Favicons for Cards
    Favicons made with Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop creating lovely effects on the Ace of Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts.
    Dark Background Alphabet Favicons
    Favicons with the Alphabet containing dark colored-based backgrounds, several sets to choose your letter from.

  • Applying Materials in 3D Max -Instructions step by step

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


    Contains free wallpaper for website, includes HTML Color Charts to help best match color to background.

  • Copyright Protection and the Law
    Copyrights, and what can and cannot be used when using the intellectual property of another author.
  • Meta Tag, Javascript Refresh and Time Delay
    Javascript which enables the browser to load a time-delayed target page into an iframe, but omits the loading page from the browser history.
  • Drop Down Menus Inside Frame
    Setting Style and Opening in Same Browser. Code to make a drop down menu inside a frame which will open a page inside the browser.
  • Frame, iframe, Alignment and Rotating Banners
    How to create frames that align perfectly to the edge, and can rotate banners.

    Paperdoll Earth
    Contains poems on World Peace written by poets on the web.

    Contains poems written by Children on World Peace, Tolerance and Diversity.

    Poems on Smiley.

    Poems of Love.
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