Poems by Children on Diversity, Tolerance and World Peace

Graphic of paperdoll children holding hands. Poems on world peace written by children.

Peace begins with saying sorry.
Peace begins with not hurting others.
Peace begins with honesty and trust.
Peace begins with showing cooperation and respect.
World Peace Begins With ME!
--Halley Hall

World Peace

Graphics on "World Peace"

Peace is being quiet, caring for friends,
and giving hugs and kisses.
Peace is praying, loving, seeing animals sing,
being patient, sleeping, writing, singing to nature
and watching swans swim.

Peace is giving love to nature, giving joy to people and planting flowers in the Spring.
--Grace Horrocks

People that walk the earth have a heart inside,
Put aside differences and join hands,
When prayers and dreams are answered,
Only then will we realize that
World Peace and harmony make us one.
--Brandy Smith

Peace takes its flight like an endless ribbon
streaming out towards a
horizon of dreams.

Let dreams transcend into eternal peace,
uniting mankind forever,
one memorable day!
--Zaneb Khalid

Peace is a cool breeze and the soft grass
with roses and tulips,
a rainbow above and the sound of the birds,
and the roses blooming and the ocean swaying
and people getting together.
--Lexi Hom

World Peace
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  • World Peace
    World Peace

    A single rose can make a garden;
    A man for peace can change the world.
    --Jenny Leopold

    If roses could make peace, plant a garden wide;
    Let its beauty bring peace where soldiers died.
    For roses don't fight or point a gun;
    If rose could bring harmony,
    Plant many and be done.
    --Catherine Lee

    What is Peace?
    Peace is a bird chirping
    in the warm Spring sunshine.
    A silver fish darting from one clump
    of underwater weeds to another, in the cool spring water.
    Peace is a butterfly flying in the wind,
    against a soft blue sky of summer.
    --Mathew Mathis

    Peace is like whispers.
    Peace is like mountains reaching up in the sky.
    Peace is like a river flowing through the land.
    Peace is like the stars lighting up the darkness.
    --Stella Potts

    Plant a seed of peace
    Water it with love and happiness
    Don't let the evil in the world destroy it.
    Keep away trespassers
    Scare away birds of prey
    Harvest peace
    Now a beautiful blue flower of peace, joy, and love blooms
    --Sharon Maendel

    Peace is very good for you
    And for everbody else too.
    --Greg Keiderling

    Poplars swaying in the cool spring breeze.
    Evergreens shifting the snow off their bushy branches.
    Aspens tall and straight with gnarled bark and sturdy limbs.
    Crabapple trees bearing blossoms and sour fruit.
    Elm trees murmuring and whispering. PEACE
    --Benjamin Burnett

    Peace starts with good deeds
    like taking trash and
    opening the door for old people.
    --Jamien Alexander

    Wish of an Iraqi Child
    When I look
    at the purple-blue sky
    at night,
    I want to see stars,
    not bombers,
    circling in the moonlight.

    I want to watch shooting stars
    or comets
    instead of the flare
    of the crashing bombs
    on the streets
    out there.

    Stars are the angel-bridges
    of comfort - nothing should block
    their light.
    --Avalyn Mathis

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