Poem for Mother's and Father's Day

Mother's Day
Father's Day
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    They give you love,
    They give you hugs.
    They give you things
    you do deserve.

    They give you encouragement like
    "Keep up the pace"
    They give you smiles
    They give you praise.

    But most of all,
    they are love.

    Karen Mooney
    © 2012

    Mother's Day
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    Father's Day
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    Mom's Heart Favicon

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  • Mother's Heart
    Dad's Heart
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  • Karen wrote another poem for Mother's Day 2013

    There's someone special in my life.
    I think of her all the time.
    She makes me happy,
    she makes me glad.
    She urges me to not be sad.
    She's unique, and like no other.
    That special person is my mother.

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